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Every hotel needs revenue management

Results. No lock-in contracts. Fixed fee model, no commissions.
Get in touch to find out what made Rockenue into one of the fastest growing hotel management companies in the market.

32 managed hotels. 150 associated hotels.


ADR growth


YoY Growth

Why Rockenue?

We started as a boutique revenue management consultancy and quickly became one of the fastest growing companies in the field. How?


An average of 28% year-on-year revenue growth across ALL Rockenue hotels. Often more.


It's like employing a revenue director, distribution manager and IT manager for a cost of a receptionist.


No contract lock-ins or long contracts. 7 day notice with no penalties. We are looking for partners, not prisoners.


Revenue Growth



About Rockenue

15 Years Of Experience In Hotel Revenue Management

We have revenue-managed hundreds of hotels. We have worked at major OTAs and hotel tech companies. We even invented and created our own technology. We know what we are doing – this is why we don’t need to lock clients into contracts.

No Commission Model

We don't take percentage of your revenue. It's unfair and it's a lot of money. We charge a fixed monthly fee that is far lower than a cost of a receptionist.

No contract lock-in

We know what we can do. We have no reason to lock hotels into contracts. Anyone can leave with a 7 day notice and no penalties.

No Strings Attached

It's like hiring a revenue director who takes care of it all. Just without employment contract. And cheaper.

Our Services

Rockenue Services

It’s all included in the package. This is what we do.



Assisting new hotel openings and making sure that everything is ready for launch. Including guests.



We use a mix of humans and our own AI-assisted system to price your hotel, at least twice a day for the next 4 months.



Contracting new sources. Relationship management. Getting to the top of those rankings. Bringing in more agents.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Answering your guest reviews. Creating content for your website, channels, campaigns and marketing activities.



Changing PMS? Need a new website or a booking engine? How about channel re-mapping? It's all on us.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Yes, we even do social media management. As well as PPC, meta advertising and others.


What Rockenue Hotels Say

If you’d like to speak to any of our current hotels, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Other Projects

Leases & hotel acquisitions

If you are looking to buy, sell or lease a hotel, we’d love to hear from you! We often have exclusive access to new properties before anyone else.

Property sales

Property sales

We can put you in touch with buyers directly, particularly in UK and UAE.

Management contracts

Management contracts

Running the whole show from operations to revenue management and sales.

Hotel leasing

Hotel leasing

You might be an owner wanting to take a step back and let others take care of your asset with a no-risk model.

Other services

Other services

From staffing to hotel contractors and suppliers. We have a vast network.


Rockenue network

Rockenue hotels benefit from a network of contacts, associated hotels, suppliers and tech providers. We also get key account management with preferential terms with some OTAs and technology providers. And last but not least, Rockenue hotels enjoy exclusive access to Rate Quantum – a revenue management system from the future.

Managed Hotels
Portfolio Growth
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Associated Hotels
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Distribution Partners
CASE studies

Central London, 42 rooms

Technology overhaul, new PMS, channel manager, booking engine. Change in distribution mix with emphasis on stability and exposure. New policies, payment gateway and rate plan structure.

+40% - revenue year on year

+0.5 - avg length of stay

+30% - ADR

'A fantastic Job Done by Rockenue'

We are very happy with Rockenue’s management of our business. The numbers speak for themselves and we feel well looked after.

Mahmood Badrudin

Owner - Lancaster Court Hotel

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