Frequently asked questions

Rockenue Your Revenue

Is it true that Rockenue doesn’t do lock-in contracts?

Yes. Any of our clients can leave without giving a notice or having to pay any penalty fees.


How much do you charge for your services?

We charge a percentage of generated revenue. It’s impossible to say how much without knowing basics about the business. Location, property size, past data all play a role. What is important to remember that whatever fee gets agreed, all parties remain satisfied.


Will revenue uplift percentage be bigger than the fee paid to Rockenue?

Yes. Otherwise why would you want to work with us?


What kind of tech and service will I be receiving?

As a part of the collaboration, we will change your entire tech landscape. This means that in a matter of weeks, your staff will be trained and using a cutting edge PMS which will connect to a new conversion optimised booking engine. From the revenue side, all your distribution channels will be moved to a new channel manager and optimised accordingly.


Will you build a brand new website for my business?

If it’s needed, yes.


Can I get a demo of your tech before committing to a partnership?

Absolutely. We can arrange a screen-share demo of the system.


What services will Rockenue provide?

Full end to end revenue and e-commerce management. Pretty much anything that happens on a computer screen or generates income. In other words, you can focus on operations and customer service while the rest stays with us.


‘I am worried about losing control of my channels / systems and being locked out.’

We are not in business of playing tug of war with our partners. You remain in full control and hold full access to all areas of your business.


‘I want to work with Rockenue but I want a guarantee that you won’t be selling my product below a certain level.’

Of course. Let’s put it into the contract. Floor rates are OK and don’t let any other companies convince you otherwise.


How does your reconciliation process work? I am worried about my cash-flow.

We don’t hold or receive your income, you do as you normally would. We will invoice you for our services once every 14 days (for the first 6 months) and then once every month.